Top Digital Entrepreneurs Launch Metaverse Property

December 10, 2020

Jolly Harbour, Antigua

Two North American serial entrepreneurs with an extensive portfolio of successful startups have launched the first virtual real estate company called Metaverse Property. The ambitious project is a real estate company that focuses exclusively on the virtual housing market within the Metaverses.

Led by Canadian cryptocurrency entrepreneurs Michael Gord and Jason Cassidy, the project has set out to bring virtual real estate to the masses. Operating as a full service real estate agency, Metaverse Property is a joint venture between GDA Group and Wolfest Woods that is focused on assisting in virtual property management, development, consulting, marketing, analytics and of course the buying / selling / renting of virtual properties. 

For Cassidy, this is an opportunity to put a digital stake in the ground at the onset of what is poised to become something truly special: 

“Being the first company to focus on and cater to the burgeoning virtual real estate market for the Metaverses means a lot to us – As more and more people are exposed to the concept of the Metaverses it is a natural progression for some to want to own a piece of that digital world and this is where Metaverse Property truly shines. When you are ready to make your initial foray into the fascinating realm of the Metaverses, we will be there to help you along the journey”.

The startup works with all the major blockchain-based Metaverses including Decentraland, Somnium Space, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels and Upland. As the industry grows and more legitimate contenders arise, Metaverse Property will look to provide support for those who offer the most potential. 

For Gord, the forming of Metaverse Property symbolizes a joint vision that has finally come to fruition: 

“We had spoken about doing a real estate offering together in the space but it wasn’t until we both began to fully immerse ourselves in these virtual worlds that the idea began to really catch fire. The growth in the Metaverses over the next decade will be tremendous so for us it was important to be there from the onset and help write some of these early chapters”.

The founders share a passion for physical real estate as well, so the ability to take those experiences and apply some of that transferable knowledge to the virtual space is key. With both Cassidy and Gord being early adopters of blockchain technology, having a combined fifteen-plus years experience in a very young industry also helped put the pieces into place. 

The year 2020 has brought a lot of change across the globe and that filters down to the virtual scene. The Metaverses are a hot commodity with more people joining them each day to take advantage of all of the features they offer, be it shopping, social, gaming, entertainment, education or building your own business. The founders believe that the virtual worlds have been lacking a dedicated company that helps usher in new entrants successfully into the space while assisting existing early adopters in establishing their digital presence.

Metaverse Property

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